Patriotic Legal Immigrants Fight against the quasi-Communist Critical Race Theory

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Orlando, Florida: On June 8, 2021, Mr. Yukong Zhao, President of Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA (PLIUSA), sent a letter to Dr. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education of the United States, urging him to stop indoctrinating American children with the groundless and divisive Critical Race Theory.

PLIUSA is a grassroots organization composed of patriotic legal immigrants who personally lived through nations ruled by communist, authoritarian, or anarchistic regimes. Based on our painful real-life experience, in this letter, Mr. Zhao pointed out “the Critical Race Theory emulates the Communist Class Struggle Theory and its implementation will lead to racial hatred and human atrocities in America, just like what Communist Class Struggle did to China and other countries.

Similar to the communist Class Struggle Theory, the Critical Race Theory classifies innocent citizens into two conflicting groups—'the oppressor’ and ‘oppressed’ by their identities. Promoting the Critical Race Theory will further divide our nation and cause racial hatred. It will repeat the devastating results communism inflicted on China and other communist controlled nations:…”

In addition, using ample evidence, PLIUSA also criticizes that the Critical Race Theory is groundless and deeply flawed, fails to identify and address the real cause of underperformance of some minority groups.

At the end of this letter, PLIUSA issued a solemn plea: “Based on our real-life experiences living under the horror of Communist Class Struggle, we have grave concern about your proposal to promoting Critical Race Theory nationwide. We solemnly urge you to stop such dangerous act that could destroy America!

We have escaped communism, and do not want America to become another communist nation! Please don’t take America to that dangerous path!”

Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA

Please see the attached letter:

PLIUSA Letter to US Secretary Education
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