Prominent Legal Immigrants Formed Political Action Committee to Support President Trump’s Reelection

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Orlando, Florida: Contrary to a widely-held myth that ALL immigrants would support the Biden/Harris presidency because of their pro-immigration stance, a group of nationally prominent legal immigrants have recently formed Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA, Inc., a political action committee dedicated to defending America’s founding principle, and to supporting President Trump’s reelection during the 2020 election.

Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA, Inc. (PLIUSA) is a grassroots organization composed of legal immigrants who cherish American Values and America’s founding principles. Its co-founders including Mr. Yukong Zhao, a nationally recognized Asian American leader and civil-rights advocate; Mr. Agustin Blazquez, a prominent Cuban exile who has published over 300 articles about Cuban issues since 1968; Mr. Jose Castillo, who had first-hand experience living in both Honduras and America; Ms. Sendra Dorce, a first-generation Haiti immigrant; Dr. Ajay Kothari, an Indian immigrants and highly achieved rocket scientist; Mr. James Sutton, who has been supporting Mr. Blazquez in revealing the ugly truth of socialism to American people; and Stacy Yuan, a first-generation Chinese immigrant.

As first-generation immigrants, we personally lived through nations ruled by socialist, authoritarian, or anarchistic regimes. We have a deep appreciation of American values and understand the consequences that unfold if they are unguarded. Although Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not explicitly support the Cuban/Venezuelan style of socialism, the policies or social movements they support will surely take America in that direction. Political correctness/cancel culture, defunding police, and socialism are destroying America’s founding principles including the freedom of speech, rule of law, equal opportunity and free market system.

Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA President Mr. Yukong Zhao said: “The worst nightmare to us would be: After escaping socialist, authoritarian or anarchistic regimes, we allow America to gradually deteriorate into the kind of nations we escaped from. That is the very reason why we have to organize, share with fellow Americans the invaluable lessons we learned, and forcefully oppose the Biden/Harris presidency.”

Update: By the end of 2020 presidential election, Patriotic Legal Immigrants U.S.A. has made a powerful YouTube video advertisement ( in support of President Trump, by telling our personal testimonials as first generation immigrants. Using text message and emails, we have sent our message to over 100,000 voters in Central Florida. Separately, Mr. Yukong Zhao has made four YouTube videos, calling Chinese Americans to vote for President Trump. We had made our contribution to President Trump's winning of Florida in 2020.

Patriotic Legal Immigrants USA

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